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ABOUT US SOHA Technologies is a company that has been in the business of consulting and resource augmentation since 2007. However, we have more than 30 years of experience in consulting and placement of services. We specialize in agile services includes Project Management, Scrum Master, and Business Analysis. We have many qualified Agile PM, SM and BA who can help you improve your business. The usage of agile methodology is what makes this company stand out in the sea of companies that offer consulting and resource augmentation. Our consultants run a thorough research and implement various methods in order to come up with the best way to increase the productivity of certain business. We improve the way some company functions by identifying business problems and proposing solutions. We believe that every business can be successful with the implementation of adequate solutions and identifying the problems. It is important to mention that all our consultants are highly educated, extremely skilled, and have a great amount of experience in healthcare, retail, manufacturing, financial, automotive, insurance industries. Additionally, when our business analysts identify the problem and propose various solutions, they work closely with project managers, business sponsors, project team, and subject matter experts. The primary goal is to make sure that all segments of certain business work together to achieving one goal – success. In order to improve certain business and increase the productivity, all agents use agile methodology. Majority of other companies rely only on simple statistical data that do not really identify the problem and they, most certainly, do not offer adequate solution to your business. On the other hand, agile methodology promotes evolutionary development of the business, adaptive planning towards the success, early delivery, continuous improvement of all aspects of the business, and it encourages flexible and fast response to a change. This aspect is of huge importance to every business. After identifying the problem and proposing the solution, it is obvious that some aspects of your business will change. One of the primary goals of our company is to make sure all segments of your business will respond to change in positive manner. SOHA Technologies is the company that employs educated and highly skilled agents. Every member of our company works hard and is determined to finish every project with the most positive outcome. Satisfaction of every client that works with us is what we all strive to achieve. Our company is known as the community of hard-working people who are able to detect all problems within certain business with the usage of agile methodology. If you want to improve your business, have more success, and if you need agile project managers, business analysts or other IT experts we are at your service. Another difference between us and other companies is the fact that we work closely with our clients and all parts of their business which increases chances for success. Our motto is to work hard, constantly implement new methods and technologies, and be determined to finish every project successfully, collaborate, and achieve great things by making sure other businesses achieve great things as well.