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Course Overview

Terraform training makes you learn how to use terraform to automate your infrastructure. We will first show you the basics of terraform and will then explain how to automate infrastructure on AWS using terraform. You can open an AWS account for free to do the labs. We also provide a lot of code examples which you can immediately use to automate your own infrastructure.  


  • Why Terraform
  • Core Terraform Components
  • Fundamental Concepts

Programming Structure

  • Terraform syntax,internals and patterns
  • Terraform coding Examples


  • Provisioning resources with Terraform
  • Creating and Accessing compute instances

Script Executions

  • Obtaining variables from Terraform into external scripts
  • Using shell script remote executor from Terraform to configure platform on launched VMs


  • Deploying java application on VMs launched through terraform
  • Use of elastic ip in Terraform
  • Automation through Hosts entry modification
  • Using tomcat API to provision application
Integration of Terraform with Jenkins

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