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Course Overview

SAP APO training program makes you learn introduction to ERP, Demand Planning, APO Architecture, Administrative Workbench, Configuration, Characteristic Value Combinations, Forecasting Strategies, Lifecycle Planning, Seasonal Planning, Mass Processing, RFC connection, Supply Network Planning, Master Data for SNP, SNP Configuration, SAP APO real time project. 

Demand Planning– DP

Business Intelligence Specific to DP

Core Interface  - CIF

Supply Network Planning  - SNP

PP/DS Overview-          Demand Planning– DP

Business Intelligence Specific to DP

Core Interface  - CIF

Supply Network Planning  - SNP

PP/DS Overview

Day 01 – Supply Chain Management and SAP APO Overview

Day 02 –SAP APO Demand Planning Overview

DP - Demand Planning Topics

Day 03 - Model& Version, Storage Bucket Profile, Time Bucket Profiles

Day 04 – MPOS and CVCs

Day 05 – Planning Area and Time Series

Day 06 –Planning Books and Data Views

Day 07 – Master Forecasting Profile, Univariate Profile

Day 08 – Interactive Planning Screen Details

Day 09 - Statistical Forecasting

Day 10 – Life Cycle Management

Day 11 – Macros

Day 12 – Alerts Management

Day 13 –Mass Processing / Back Ground Jobs

Day 14 - Proportional Factors / Aggregation and Disaggregation

Day 15 – Realignment and Copy

Day 16 – Forecast Release to SNP

Day 17 – Period Split, Product Split and Location Split

Day 18 – Calendars, Time Stream ID and Fiscal Year Variantsetc.

BW/BI - Business Intelligence Specific to DP( APO DP- BW/BI)

Day 19 - Overview of SAP APO DP with BW/BI Integration

Day 20 – Info Area, Info Objects, Characteristics and Key Figures

Day 21 –Info Cubes - Sales Load

Day 22 – Info Cubes – Backup and File load

Day 23 – Process Chains

CIF – Core Interface

Day 24 – Overview of Core Interface

Day 25 – Logical Systems, RFC, Business System Group, CIF Connections

Day 26–ECC to APO Data Transfer (Master and Transactional)

Day 27–APO to ECC data Transfer

Day 28–CIF Monitoring and Error Handling

SNP - Supply Network Planning 

Day 29 – SNP Overview

Day 30 – Administrative Data in SNP like MPOS, Planning Area, and Planning Books etc

Day 31 – General Setting in SNP

Day 32 – SNP Profiles

Day 33 – Location, Product Master Data

Day 34 – Resource, PPM / PDS and Transportation Lanes Master Data

Day 35 – SNP Heuristics

Day 36 – SNP Deployment and TLB

Day 36 – SNP Optimizer

Day 38 – SNP CTM

Day 39 – PP/DS Overview and Important T.Codes

Day 40 – APO Projects Session.

Our Highlights

We will provide screen by screen configuration documents for all the training topics

We will provide all the recording sessions from day 01 to day end
We will give SAP standard Materials and Books
Question and Answers for SAP APO Certification
SAP APO Sample Resumes
Many useful documents and Links

After the course is purchased you will get the following in 24 hours

- Course URL

- User Name

- Password