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Selenium with Ruby

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Course Overview

Selenium with Ruby Framework Training will helps students to learn Selenium WebDriver fundamentals, Ruby Basics, Automation Framework Design, Selenium IDE & Firebug installation. This course also covers Element Locators, Xpath, Ruby Interpreter configuration, with start and end execution block and etc. In this training participants expertise the combine power of Ruby with Selenium to automate the testing of a sample web application, create and combine Ruby test scripts with Selenium web automation. 

Selenium Introduction:

Selenium Introductions

Selenium IDE & Firebug installation

Selenium IDE

ASICon Setup

Element Locators Basics:

What is Element Locator

Element Locator - ID

Element Locator - Name

Element Locator - Class

Element Locator - Link

Element Locators - Advance

Element Locator - CSS:

Locate Element By Xpath

Ruby Environment SetUp:

Setup Ruby Interpreter

Eclipse and Ruby Plugin

Ruby Basics:

Ruby Gems

Ruby Interactive Environment

Ruby Programming on Notepad

Ruby Programming Kickoff:

Kickoff Programming

Start and End Execution Block

Class - Method - Object

Ruby Methods Detail


Condition Handling

Condition Handling - Logical AND - OR

Ruby While Loop

Ruby - For Loop

Ruby - Array

Ruby - For Each Loop

Ruby Hashes

Ruby - String Handling

Ruby - Local Variable

Ruby - Global Variable

Ruby - Instance Variable

Ruby - Class Variable

Ruby - Advance Concepts:

Ruby - Exception Handling

Ruby Modules

Ruby Inheritance


Ruby - Read Text File

Ruby - Write text file

Ruby - Read Excel

Ruby - Write Excel

BDD Testing with Cucumber:

What is BDD(Behaviour Driven Development)

Difference between TDD and BDD

BDD Tool: Cucumber Basics

Gherkin : Feature Keyword

Scenario Keyword

Given Step

When- Then Step


Step Argument

Scenario Outline

Tags and Comment

Cucumber - Gem Installation

Step Definitions:

What is Step Definition

Generate Steps

Steps : Use Data passed from Feature File

Hooks in detail:

What is Hooks ?

Scenario Hook : Before

Scenario Hook : After

Tagged Hook

Run Tagged Scenario

Multiple Tagged Hook - Logical OR

Multiple Tagged Hook - Logical AND

Selenium - Webdriver:

What is Webdriver

Install Selenium Webdriver gem

Start Firefox Driver : Firefox Driver Object

Start Chrome Driver : Chrome Driver Object

Enter URL in Browser : Get and Navigate

Element Locators : Webdriver - Ruby:

Locate Element by : Id

Locate Element by : Name

Locate Element by : Class

Locate Element by : Link

Locate Element by : CSS

Locate Element by : Xpath

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