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Course Overview

SiteCore Training makes developers to build robust, real-world MVC solutions that collaborate with the content management, content editing and marketing abilities. Developers, Business Users, and Marketers can get the most out of this Sitecore Training course.  

SiteCore Overview:

  • What Is Sitecore? 
  • SiteCore from an Author's Perspective
  • SiteCore from a Developer's Perspective

Defining Data:

  • Creating Data Templates
  • Data Template Inheritance
  • Standard Values
  • Insert Options
  • Summary and Optional Lab


  • Presentation Is Dynamic and Modular
  • Preparing to Build
  • Creating a Layout
  • Creating Components
  • Dynamic Binding
  • Outputting Content
  • Summary and Optional Lab

SiteCore API

  • Basic API Concepts and Retrieving Items 
  • Item links
  • Creating, Modifying and Deleting Items 
  • Working with Complex fields

Advanced Presentation Concepts

  • Resuable Content
  • Layout Deltas

Real-world Solutions

  • Familiar Concepts
  • Dealing with Larger Sites
  • SiteCore Query

Configuring the Page Editor

  • Data Source Restrictions
  • Parameters and Parameter templates
  • Placeholder Restrictions
  • Advanced Page Editor Configuration

Dealing with your Data

  • Item Buckets
  • Search

Best Practices

  • Working with Media
  • Caching and Performance
  • Publishing
  • Installing and Scaling SiteCore
  • Team developement and the Development Environment
  • How to Deal with Deployment
  • Basic Security
  • Workflow

Marketing Functionality

  • Introduction to the Customer Experience Platform (XP)
  • Enagement Value and Goals
  • Profiling and Personalization

Templates Topics

  • Branch Templates
  • Other Item and Template Properties
  • Pipelines and Events
  • Rules
  • Placeholder Overrides

SiteCore Context

Practice Assignments

After the course is purchased you will get the following in 24 hours

- Course URL

- User Name

- Password