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Course Overview

Oracle SOA Training makes you an expert in concepts like Oracle JDeveloper, Event Delivery Network (EDN), Oracle SOA Suite 12C, Event Driven Architecture (EDA), Application Server Connection, Service Component Architecture (SCA), and Oracle Web Logic Server ….etc. 

Introduction and Concepts of SOA

Definition of SOA

Standards and Specifications that make SOA

Describe SOA Reference Architecture

Understanding SOA Suite 12c Product

Understanding Service Design Considerations and different Service Components

Understanding SOA 12c

List SOA 12c Components

Describe Service Components

Define Composite Application

Describing Enterprise Manager

Concepts of Oracle Weblogic Server

Introduction to Oracle Jdeveloper 12c

Providing Services for SOA

Defining a Service

Describing key Service Artifacts

Reviewing Web Service Concepts and Architecture

Reviewing Concepts of XML schema, XSLT and WSDL Documents

Introduction to Adapter Framework

Introduction and Concepts of SCA (Service Component Architecture)

  • Explain SCA and its components

  • Defining Composite Application

  • Creating SOA Composite in Jdev

Managing and Monitoring SOA Composite Application

Basics of Administrating and Monitoring the SOA Composite

Working with Enterprise Manager

Deploying, Undeploying and Testing SOA composite

Debugging SOA Composite

Introduction to Concepts BPEL

Understanding Orchestration

Getting Started with Oracle BPEL Process Manager

Overview of Oracle BPEL Process Manager Components

Overview of BPEL Designer Environments

Overview of Activities.

Concepts of Partner Links and Service Invocations

BPEL Concepts In-depth

  • Invoking WebServices using BPEL

  • Interaction patterns in BPEL ( Synchronous/Asynchronous)

  • Concepts of Variables and uses in BPEL

  • Implementing Parallel flows in BPEL

Conditional Branching in BPEL

Suspending threads in BPEL

Manipulating and Transforming XML Data in BPEL using XSLT

Explaining Data Manipulation and XPath/XQuery Standards

Explaining Adapter concepts and Framework

Explaining different types of Adapter

Implementing Adapters using BPEL

Debugging BPEL Processes

Concepts of Fault Handling in BPEL

Sharing Functionality

Using the Design-time Meta Data Services (MDS) Repository to share files

Introducing Templates

Creating and Using Project, Service Component, and Scope Activity Templates

Introducing BPEL Subprocesses

Creating and Using Standalone Subprocesses

Creating and Using Inline Subprocesses

Describing the Differences Between Templates and Subprocesses

Designing and Managing Business Events

Describing the Event Delivery Network

Creating a Business Event

Publishing an Event

Subscribing to an Event

Managing Events in Oracle Enterprise Manager

Using the REST Adapter

Introducing REST Services

Comparing REST and SOAP Web Services

Creating and Configuring a REST Adapter


Introduction to mediators.

Working with mediators.

Event driven networks via mediator

Schematron files , parallel flows, sequential flows

Fault handling in the Mediator

Transaction handling in the Mediators

Human Tasks

Concepts of Human Task

Implementing Human Task Components in SOA

Business Rules

Concepts of Business Rules Component

Implementing Business Rules Component

BAM (Business Activity Monitoring)

Concepts of BAM

Implementing BAM

Testing SOA Composite Applications

Introducing the Composite Test Framework

Defining Emulations and Assertions

Discussing Test Suites and Test Cases

Testing Initiation of Inbound Messages

Emulating Outbound, Fault, and Callback Messages

Running Test Cases

Examining Results of a Test Run

Using the SOA Debugger to Debug Composite Applications

Securing Services and Composite Applications

Explaining Security for Services

Describing the Fusion Middleware Security Architecture

Attaching Security Policies at Design Time in JDeveloper

Attaching Security Policies Post-Deployment in Enterprise Manager


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