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Course Overview

Oracle EBS Training makes you Learn Developing and Marketing a website, Procurement over the Internet, Managing the supply chain and logistics, Distribution and logistics, and Registering with search engines., etc. You will also get an exposure to industry based Real-time projects in various verticals.

Understanding E-Business

What is Oracle e-business suite?

What are the benefits?

Creating additional revenue

Reaching more customers and markets

Improving marketing and promotions

Meet the needs and expectations of customers

Making it easier for people to do business with you

Getting started


Researching the opportunities

Customer relationship management

Distribution and logistics


Marketing and promotion

Key issues to consider


Estimating budgets

Identifying the target audience

Writing an e-business plan


Website concepts

The Database

Getting a website name

Choosing and preparing web content

Marketing your website

The look and feel

E-commerce – selling on your website

Developing the website

Writing the development brief

Selecting the web developer

What to look for in a developer


About Protecting & Security

What part of my business is at risk?

What are the sources of threats to my business


Maintaining e-business systems

Website content maintenance

Quality assurance

Making improvements

Technical maintenance

Promoting your website

Developing a promotional strategy

Registering with search engines

Helping search engines find your website

Advertising your website

Budgeting for maintenance


About Improving and Evaluating your e-business

Procurement over the Internet

Managing the supply chain and logistics

Putting your catalogue online


Practice Assignments and Interview Questions

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- Course URL

- User Name

- Password