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Apache Kafka

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Course Overview

Apache Kafka Training makes you Learn apache kafka architecture, Big Data flow mode, Fault tolerance, Kafka Partition, High throughput, Kafka Streams, Cluster Architecture, Installing Apache Kafka. You will also get an exposure to industry based Real-time projects in various domains.  

Introduction to Bigdata & Apache Kafka

Introduction to Big Data

Big Data Customer Scenarios

What is Kafka?

Need for Kafka

Core Concepts of Kafka

Kafka Architecture

Where is Kafka Used?

Deep Dive Into Kafka Cluster

Understanding the components of Kafka Cluster

Installation of Kafka Cluster

Configuring Kafka Cluster

Producer of Kafka

Consumer of Kafka

Producer and Consumer in Action.

Kafka Operations and Performance Tuning




Kafka Monitoring and Issues

Kafka Performance Tuning

Reading data from Kafka

Demo-Twitter Kafka Producer

Introduction to Scala

Mixed Paradigm-Functional Programming

Scala Installation & Configuration

Scala REPL

Scala Project Using Eclipse

Integration of Kafka With hadoop and Storm

Understanding the Hadoop Cluster

Integrating Kafka with Hadoop Cluster

Understanding Apache Storm

Implementing Spouts and Bolts

Kafka with Storm Spout.
Kafka With Spark
Interview Questions & Practice Assignments

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