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This is an Online Instructor Led Training

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Course Overview

OpenStack Training makes you an expert by mastering concepts like Object Storage, Networking, Compute, Nova Architecture, Usage and use cases of swift operations, Orchestration, etc. You will also learn adding metadata to objects, Ceilometer deployment, and integration with OpenStack. Our OpenStack trainers are certified professionals with real-time experience in projects

Introduction to OpenStack:

  • Open Stack Compute
  • Open Stack Image service
  • Open stack Network
  • Open stack Identity
  • Open stack Block Storage
  • Open stack Dashboard
  • Nova Architecture
  • VM Provisioning walkthrough
  • Create manage access virtual machine
  • Create and manage volumes

Open Stack Object Storage:

  • Usage and use cases of swift operations
  • Uploading in segments
  • Ring, Ring builder
  • Account container and object servers
  • Adding metadata to objects
  • Swift maintenance with swift Recon
  • Replication, Security / ACLs
  • Deployment and operations

Open Stack Networking:

  • OpenStack Compute:
  • Nova Architecture
  • Database service for Open stack
  • Data Sore management with Openstack trove

Openstack Metering and Monitoring:

  • Celiometer meters and pipelines
  • Celiometer deployment and integration with Open stack


  • Heat Orchestration
  • Heat Orchestration Template (HOT)
  • Orchestration, Scaling and elasticity
  • Heat auto scaling
  • Integration with Open Stack

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